Cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx

All cryptocurrency users want to securely store and manage their funds efficiently. With the modern development of blockchain technology and the active expansion of the cryptocurrency market, it is not easy to find a convenient, practical and simple option for storing digital currency. There are several noteworthy cryptocurrency wallets, zcash wallet Jaxx is a good example.

The Jaxx project is a modern, popular, multi-currency vault with a good reputation in many fundamental areas. Its versatility makes it easy to pay for acquisition services, store crypto capital and profitably convert digital currencies.

What is interesting about the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet? What are the characteristics of this repository?

Why are they convenient and profitable to use? The editors of considered all such issues in detail, analyzing in detail all aspects related to the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet.

A brief overview of the Jaxx wallet

Jaxx Wallet is a multicurrency universal storage for cryptocurrencies. It was created in 2014 by the Canadian company Decentral Inc. For about 2 years, specialists have been developing the product, making additions, testing changes, optimizing its functionality. The beta version was released in the winter of 2016. Since then, multi-currency cross-platform crypto wallets have become popular and have begun to gain popularity and demand.

You can use Jaxx on a variety of devices, because today there are 3 versions of the wallet on the official website of the company: mobile, desktop and browser. As of July 2018, the wallet supports over 60 cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx Wallet Features

The Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is very interesting, as evidenced by its many unusual qualities.

An extensive list of cryptocurrencies supported by the system. This is of course bitcoin and various altcoins.

Groups of cryptocurrencies that can be stored, converted and used through the Jaxx wallet:

  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and others top the list. EOS, Monaco, Qtum are popular.
  • Less known coins — Storm, Wax, Civic, Sonm, Augur, Cofoundit, Maecenas, etc.
  • important point! Jaxx Crypto Wallet is not suitable for fiat currency transactions, however, you can configure the balance display in the usual form, starting from Pakistani rupees and ending in US dollars.
  • Jaxx cross-platform wallet. You can use storage from different devices with the corresponding versions of cryptocurrency wallets:
  • Desktop software is the most popular option for PCs (Mac/Linux/Windows systems).
  • Nuance! Using Jaxx does not require you to create different accounts for each device. Wallets are easy to sync. Single access from all devices with installed programs!
  • ShapeShift built-in switch. You can instantly convert digital coins from storage without going separately to a cryptocurrency exchange or a specialized online service.
  • High reliability and perfect security. User data is protected by the best encryption solution. The private key belongs only to the owner of the crypto wallet. There are options for PIN protection and copying keys to keep them offline.

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